MKG report: Pressure and attacks on women journalists continue

According to MKG's report for the month of March, 2 women journalists were detained, 3 were subjected to ill-treatment and 1 was threatened. While 10 journalists are still on trial, 7 women journalists are in prison.

Mesopotamia Women Journalists’ Association (MKG) shared the report they prepared on violations against women journalists during the month of March.

The introduction of the report said: "In this process, we have recorded many violations such as obstacles, arrests, physical and verbal attacks faced by journalists, the cornerstones of press freedom, while carrying out their professional activities. While securing the public's right to information, free press workers face various mechanisms of pressure and censorship aimed at depriving them of this right. Violations in March manifested themselves in the prevention of journalistic activities, detention and prosecution of press workers.  This situation stands out as one of the biggest obstacles to press freedom and freedom of expression."

'Attacks on journalists also restrict the freedom of society'

The report pointed out that attacks on freedom of the press mean restriction of the rights and freedoms not only of journalists but also of society in general:

"In March, 2 journalists were detained, and 3 others were subjected to ill-treatment. In addition, one journalist was threatened, and one other was prevented from covering the events. These cases reveal the extent of physical and legal pressures faced by journalists in the exercise of their profession. As for violations of freedom of expression, one journalist was subjected to an investigation, four journalists were put on trial and four were acquitted. During the period covered in the report, a total of 10 journalists are still on trial, while 7 women journalists are in prison. We condemn all kinds of rights violations against free press workers and call on all relevant institutions and organisations to take concrete steps to end the pressure on journalists. Journalism is not a crime; it is a social service and this service must continue unhindered."

The report lists the violations of rights as follows:

 * Journalists Detained: 2

* Journalists Subjected to Ill-Treatment: 3

* Journalists Threatened: 1

* Journalists Prevented from Covering Events: 1

* Journalists Under Investigation: 1

* Number of imprisoned female journalists: 7.