N/E Syria Autonomous Administration condemns Turkish state's attack on journalists

The Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration condemned the Turkish state's attack on Jin TV journalists and asked the international community to act to stop this brutality.

The Northern and Eastern Syria Press Office condemned the Turkish state's drone attack that targeted a vehicle belonging to Jin Tv on Wednesday. The vehicle was traveling on the Amude-Qamishlo road.

The statement said that “the Turkish state and its mercenaries continue their massacres against the people in Northern and Eastern Syria, violating all standards and international agreements that stipulate the protection of civilians in conflicts.”

The statement added that “the invading Turkish state uses the pretext of fighting terrorism as evidence against journalists in most of the condemnations and trials,” and underlined that “according to the 2022 world press freedom index of Reporters Without Borders, Turkey ranks 149th out of 180 countries, when it comes to press freedom.”

6 journalists killed in the region

The statement underlined that 6 journalists were killed in different regions of Syria in 2023, and continued: “An unmanned armed plane belonging to the invading Turkish state targeted a vehicle belonging to the press in Northern and Eastern Syria in front of the UN, the Security Council and human rights associations.

We call on the international community, legal and relevant parties to intervene and hold accountable the crimes committed by the occupying Turkish state against the region."