Police take three journalists into custody

As part of a new police political operation, journalists Sibel Yukler, Fırat Can Arslan and Delal Akyüz were detained following a raid on their homes.

During a new police political operation launched by the Diyarbakır Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, the police raided the house of Mesopotamia Agency (MA) reporter Delal Akyüz in İzmir. Although it is mandatory to wear shoe covers during house searches, some police officers did not wear them. There was tension between Akyüz and some police as they kept provoking her.

Akyüz was taken to the İzmir Provincial Security Directorate in Çankaya.

Mesopotamia Agency (MA) journalist Fırat Can Arslan was also taken into custody following a raid on his home in Ankara. The reason for his detention was not learned, but Arslan was taken to Ankara Police Department.

Arslan's phone and computer were seized during the raid.

Journalist Sibel Yukler was taken into custody followed a raid on her house in Ankara. It was learned that she was taken to Ankara Police Department.