Turkish TV channel receives fine because of the host "praising terrorism with mimics"

Halk TV has received a fine reportedly because of the host "praising terrorism with mimics" during a program.

Turkey's Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) imposed fines on TV channels Halk TV, TELE1 and FOX TV, with monetary fines and broadcast bans after covering the sentencing of the İstanbul mayor.

On December 21, RTÜK and CHP (Republican People's Party) member İlhan Taşçı wrote on Twitter that RTÜK fined Halk TV's Medya Mahallesi (Media Quarter) program, hosted by Aysenur Arslan, with suspensions and a 3-percent administrative fine, based on "praising terrorism with mimics” while reporting about the “terrorist PKK attack in Karkamış”.

Aysenur Arslan, who received a three-day ban for her gestures, mocked the decision on Twitter. "Currently, I am practicing facial expressions in front of the mirror at home. Tomorrow I will make an RTÜK gesture."