Women journalists condemn the attack in Shengal

Mesopotamia Women Journalists Association (MKG) condemned the attack on Free Press labourers in Shengal.

The vehicle of journalists who went to Til Qeseb town of Shengal to conduct interviews on the 10th anniversary of the 3 August 2014 genocide was attacked in the centre of Shengal on their way back on 8 July. Çira TV reporter Medya Hasan Kemal, Çira FM reporter Murat Mirza Ibrahim and vehicle driver Xelef Xidir, along with 3 other people who were at the scene and whose identities have not been identified, were injured in the attack. 

The Mesopotamia Women Journalists Association (MKG) based in Amed (Diyarbakır) released a statement condemning the attack, saying that the attack against the Free Press employees constitutes a serious threat to the freedom of the press and the people's right to information.

The statement emphasised that such attacks not only target members of the press, but also usurp the public's right to access information.

MKG called on international journalism federations and human rights organisations to embrace press workers and stressed that they are the defenders of the tradition of the free press.