YRJ condemns deadly Turkish attack on journalists: “We will continue to expose Turkey’s crimes”

64 people have died in a total of 49 drone attacks by the Turkish state in the autonomous region of northern and eastern Syria alone this year.

The Women's Press Union (YRJ) in North-East Syria released a statement denouncing the Turkish drone attack on Wednesday that targeted a car belonging to the Jin TV channel, which reports on current developments and backgrounds from a women's perspective. Necimedîn Feysel Hec Sînan, the driver of the car, which was on the move on the Qamishlo-Amude road, was killed in the attack and a female journalist, Delila Ağît, suffered injuries.

The YRJ statement on Thursday said: “This attack has revealed, once again, the invading Turkish state’s policies hostile to the freedom of women who lead the revolution in North-East Syria. With such attacks, the Turkish occupation state has committed a crime against humanity and sought to undermine the gains made by our revolution thanks to the sacrifices of the daughters and sons of North and East Syria.”

The statement continued: “We reiterate our promise to the people of North-East Syria and to our fellow journalists who have sacrificed their lives to expose the Turkish occupation and crimes against humanity. We condemn this attack directed against female journalists. We call on all media outlets to expose the Turkish state’s massacres against the people of North and East Syria and to call it to account for the crimes it has committed.”