1000 women for Aysel Tuğluk Platform call to join action on social media today and tomorrow

The 1000 women for Aysel Tuğluk Platform will carry out an action on social media today and tomorrow with the hashtag "#AyselTuğlukaişkenceyeson".

The 1000 women Aysel Tuğluk Platform protested the decision of the court committee to force Kurdish politician and lawyer Aysel Tuğluk to attend the hearing in the Kobanê case.

Aysel Tuğluk is suffering from dementia and is kept in prison despite being unable to do even simple daily actions on her own.

Social media action

Despite the reports saying that Aysel Tuğluk cannot remain in prison, the 3rd Specialization Board of the Forensic Medicine Institute (ATK) said she can in fact "live alone in prison" in its final report, and added: "The president of the court in the Kobanê case has instructed that Aysel be prepared in the SEGBIS room so that she can testify.” The president added that she should be brought no matter what, and that if she is unable to testify she should say so and her lawyers should speak instead.

This attitude, which has reached the level of torture against Aysel Tuğluk, has prompted protests and the demand for the immediate release of the Kurdish politician.

The 1000 Women for Aysel Tuğluk Platform has called on everyone to join the social media action they will carry out on 30 and 31 July at 9pm. The hashtag will be #AyselTuğlukaİşkenceyeSon and videos will be shared.

The statement also called for all democratic organizations, especially bar associations and women's organizations, to attend the Kobanê hearing on 1 August at Sincan Prison Campus.