Şenyaşar family: Despite arrest warrant against him, one of the killers is still free

The Şenyaşar family pointed out that despite the arrest warrant, one of the killers has not yet been detained.

The Justice Vigil carried out by Emine Şenyaşar, who lost her husband and two sons as a result of the attacks carried out in the family shop by body guards and relatives of AKP Deputy Ibrahim Halil Yıldız, in Suruç in June 2018, continues on its 56th day.

Emine Şenyaşar and her son Ferit, who was injured in the attack, continues the Vigil for Justice at home, in Suruç, due to the coronavirus lockdown.

The Şenyaşar family shared a photo of Ibrahim Yıldız, one of those carrying out the attack on the family shop. Ibrahim Yıldız is the nephew of AKP deputy Ibrahim Halil Yıldız. The Şenyaşar family said: “There is an arrest warrant against him, but he has been walking around in the community for 3 years. Has the deputy’s nephew become untouchable? Where is the justice?"