‘As long as the isolation of Öcalan continues, no constitution will be democratic’

Political women prisoners in Gebze Prison announced that they have joined the hunger strike against the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan.

The alternating hunger strike launched in prisons as part of the international campaign "Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan, solution to the Kurdish question" is spreading. Political women prisoners in Gebze Prison also joined the strike.

The women prisoners who participated in the hunger strike, which is on its 10th day, sent a message to the public, saying the following:

"For 25 years, Mr Öcalan has been preparing peace projects, road maps and proposals in İmralı and presenting them to the progressive public opinion of Turkey and the world for putting an end to the tragedies experienced today, including in the Israeli-Palestinian war, which has prompted the whole world to rise up, and for the establishment of the 'Middle East Peoples' Union', a project for the peoples of the Middle East to live in peace and brotherhood, and has been waging a great struggle for peace.  

25 years ago, the international powers that put Mr Öcalan under isolation with an international conspiracy and built the 'İmralı Isolation System' wanted to neutralise Mr Öcalan in order to keep the Middle East and Turkey as an arena of peoples. They gave the guardianship of the İmralı Torture System they established to the Turkish state. This severe isolation is an isolation imposed on the whole country and our peoples' longing for peace and democracy. It is a political project that is constantly kept alive in order not to solve the Kurdish question, which is the main issue of the Republic of Turkey, and thus the Middle East problem. Those who maintain this isolation system, which is a crime against humanity and against the most basic human and rights law, even in violation of the existing inadequate laws of the Republic of Turkey and international law, are also the ones who established this isolation.

As long as this isolation continues, no constitution will be democratic. In these months, when the Republic of Turkey enters its second century, we call on all humanity to urgently embrace the task of lifting the heavy isolation in İmralı for the democratisation of Turkey and a democratic peaceful solution to the Kurdish question. This duty belongs to all of us.

As women prisoners in Gebze Prison, we congratulate the campaign 'Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan, solution to the Kurdish question’ initiated by our esteemed patriotic, revolutionary-democratic people outside. We believe that the campaign will surely reach its goal and we are starting our hunger strike action in order to support the campaign.

As long as the Imrali isolation continues, our country and our peoples will be isolated from democracy, peace, human rights and freedoms. As long as Imrali isolation continues, isolation will continue in Turkey and the Middle East. End isolation! Long live the struggle of our peoples for peace, democracy and freedom!"