Children in prison suffer violence

Women prisoners in Bayburt said they and their kids are not safe

Families of women prisoners in Bayburt M Type Closed Prison told what they have to go through. 
The prisoners, who reported that the pressure on them is increasing , sent an urgent message at the last visits.

The prisoners who said in a message: "We cannot have security here", added that :"We can get out of here dead at any moment". 

Prisoners who voiced their concerns to a delegation which came to visit the prison, reported that after exposing the violence they are suffering, they were heavily punished.

Twice a week, the prisoners said, they have to undergo search of their cells as well as personal body search. They are not given letters and books. The prisoners reported that a prisoner named Berivan was recently given a 15-day cell penalty.

Psychological pressure on children

Vesile Yüksel has her two kids with her in prison, Arin Mirxan who is 3 , and Avesta who is 5. They were found to lose more weight each day and were exposed to psychological violence by guards. Speaking to her family, Vesile said that her daughter would only calm down when she hugged her as she was afraid of the guards shouting.

Vesile Yüksel said that she had taken the kids to play in the green area so they could get a bit of fresh air, but the guards shouted to the mother that the kids could not be there and lifted her. Arin and Avesta cried for hours. Vesile was informed that  she had been kept on the grounds that she had "encouraged the children to cry".

Arin and Avesta's father, who spoke to Vesile Yüksel, also said that the guards constantly yelled at children, forbidding everything. 

He said: "When I spoke to my children this week, they could not say anything to me, their voices were trembling and constantly stuttering".

The kids are not able to make a sound out of fear because guards are constantly shouting at them. "The guards want to make a strip search twice a week, and both kirds are shouting in fear", he said.