Concerns grow for lawyer Timtik on death fast for 141 days

Lawyer Güçlü Sevimli have visited his colleague Ebru Timtik, who has been on death fast for 141 days demanding a fair trial. Sevimli said that Timtik is now 46 kilos, her hands have blackened, she has wounds in the mouth, and had difficulty talking.

The death fast started by the lawyers of the People's Law Firm (HHB) and the Contemporary Lawyers Association (ÇHD), who have been sentenced to years of imprisonment on the basis of contradictory statements by informers, continues.

The lawyers are demanding a fair trial. Lawyer Ebru Timtik is on the 141st day of death fast, while lawyer Aytaç Ünsal is on the 110th day.

On 21 May, lawyer Güçlü Sevimli visited his colleague Ebru Timtik at Prison No. 9 in Silivri. He spoke to ANF about the visit.

Sevimli said that Timtik is now 46 kilos and has difficulty in talking. Sevimli added that her hands have darkened and she was sluggish. Stating that he thinks she is strong except for these health problems, he added: "Ebru said that her demands are legitimate and that she is determined to continue this resistance action."

Sevimli emphasized that Timtik and Ünsal's demands are legitimate and should be met before it is too late. Noting that his colleagues have been subjected to great injustice, Sevimli reminded that the trial was illegitimate since the beginning. He pointed out that this death fast is not only for their case but for all injustices in the criminal proceedings in the country.

"Their demands are very clear and legitimate. They demand fair trial, they demand justice. This demand for justice is actually a demand that must be met not only in terms of general judicial law, but also in terms of the most basic universal principles of law," Sevimli said.

Application to the Court of Cassation

Sevimli reminded that they have applied to the 16th Penal Chamber of the Court of Cassation and requested Timtik's release.

Timtik has been sentenced to 13 years and 6 months in prison in the lawsuit filed against the Contemporary Lawyers Association (ÇHD).

Signature campaign

A new signature campaign was launched by the Freedom of Defense Coordination for lawyers Aytaç Ünsal and Ebru Timtik who are on death fast demanding a fair trial.

The two lawyers, Aytaç Ünsal and Ebru Timtik, went on hunger strike on 5 February 2020, demanding "the right to a fair trial”. They turned this action into a death fast on 5 April, 5, International Lawyers' Day.

The Freedom of Defense Coordination expressed its concern about Ünsal and Timtik who are clearly risking their life.

The Coordination added that those who want to support the campaign can send their names, surnames, occupation and city to "[email protected]".