Condition of ill prisoner Ruken Yıldız worsening

Ferhat Yıldız, brother of ill prisoner Ruken Yıldız, pointed out that his sister, who was deported to Iğdır S Type Prison, has been kept in an isolation cell for 7 months and her condition is getting worse.

The health status of ill prisoners in Turkey, where rights violations and torture are increasing by the day, remains serious.

Despite 7 deaths in one month, the government officials, who see no need for explanation, find the solution to build new cell-type prisons that deepen the isolation even further. Not content with this, they deport ill prisoners to these new prisons.

Ruken Yıldız, 27, is one of these ill prisoners and was deported to the newly built Iğdır S Type Prison 7 months ago. Despite her young age, Yıldız, who suffers from a heart problem and high blood pressure, has been kept in a solitary cell for months.

Her brother Ferhat Yıldız and her mother Hatice Yıldız spoke to ANF and said that the isolation conditions are causing his sister's health to worsen.

'She has been ill for a long time'

Stating that his sister Ruken Yıldız, who is a member of HDP, was arrested in 2017 based on unfounded confessions, Yıldız said that although there is no concrete evidence other than these confessions, his sister was sentenced to life imprisonment, although the sentence is not firm.

Stating that under these unlawful conditions, his sister's health deteriorated and she suffered from a heart problem and blood pressure, Yıldız said: "Ruken did not have any health problems before she was imprisoned, but the lawlessness she was exposed affected her and she became ill. The opening of the heart valve has developed and this causes blood pressure to rise."

He said that his sister was transferred to the Istanbul Forensic Medicine Institute (ATK) 1 year ago due to the sudden rise in blood pressure while she was in Van T Type Prison, but the medical reports said that she could "stay in prison."

Yıldız added that "as if this was not enough, she was suddenly transferred to the newly built Iğdır S Type Prison from the Van T Type Prison, where she had been staying for 5 years, 7 months ago."

Yıldız said: “The S Type prison is the same as the known F Type. The only difference is that here the prisoners are put in isolation cells. A cell-type prison built for those serving aggravated life sentences and life sentences. There is an example of this in America. But the difference in Turkey is that they also keep ill prisoners in a solitary cell. Moreover, her sentence is not firm, yet."

Yıldız said his sister complained about the sudden rise in blood pressure during her last visit and added that she said that being in isolation made it harder for her. He said that her only request was to be transferred to another prison other than the S Type, and if not, to be allowed to share the cell with another prisoner.

Yıldız demanded the release of his sister and all ill prisoners or at least the suspension of her sentence.

Yıldız's mother: Let us look after her

Ruken Yıldız's mother, Hatice Yıldız, emphasized that she could not even visit her daughter because she was ill, and that she was very worried because of that.

Yıldız’s mother said: "I ask for the release of my daughter. We look after her at home. She is not guilty, she did not kill anyone, she did not steal anything."