Deportation and torture exposed in Tekirdağ prison

Political prisoners who were deported from Tekirdağ T Type Prison, which is planned to be converted into a woman and child prison, were subjected to harassment and strip searches.

Turkey adds new rights violations in prisons every day. The latest was that exposed by political prisoners deported from Tekirdağ 1 and 2 T Type.

Lawyers Association for Freedom (ÖHD), told ANF that 15 of the political prisoners who were deported from Tekirdağ 1 and 2 Type T prisons a week ago as the prison is to be converted into a women's and juvenile prison, are on trial to respond of PKK-related charges.

Strip searches and harassment

The lawyers said that the prisoners were deproted to F-type prisons No. 1 and 2, in Tekirdağ Penitentiary Institutions Campus, and added that three PKK prisoners were subjected to strip search and beaten.