Human Rights Association highlights situation of ill prisoners

The Human Rights Association highlighted the situation of ill prisoners in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir.

The Freedom for Ill Prisoners Initiative in Ankara highlighted the situation of ill prisoners. This was the 320th week of their actions.

Sevil Turgut, member of the IHD Ankara Branch Board of Directors, talked about the situation of Şevket Bilici, who is in Afyon No 1 T Type Closed Prison.

Turgut stated that 3 prisoners died in the quarantine wards in 3 months and said that Bilici wrote a letter to the IHD about his condition. "In 2018, Bilici suffered two heart attacks and he had angiography 3 times due to heart disease. He has been diagnosed with a 45 percent narrowing of the heart vessels. He always feels pain and numbness and has great difficulty in breathing, as well as stomach and ulcer disease, intestinal problems, internal bleeding haemorrhoids, sinusitis and headaches, high blood pressure."

Pointing out that Bilici's health condition is getting worse every day, Turgut stated that he should be released.


The Human Rights Association (IHD) Istanbul Branch Prisons Commission held its 'F sit-in' this week drawing attention to the situation of Nazime Avras, held in Gebze Women's Closed Prison.

IHD executive, Meral Nergis Şahin, started her speech by commemorating Serkan Tümay, who was beaten and murdered by the guards in Kırıkkale Prison on October 17.

Şahin said: “During the epidemic, there was an increase in violations of fundamental rights and freedoms as well as the right to health. As a matter of fact, in Gebze Women's Closed Prison, where ill prisoner Nazime Avras is also detained; cells were raided by guards who seized their belongings, destroyed, books, notebooks and writing materials never returned. Prisoners were prevented from buying magazines, newspapers and books from outside on the pretext of the coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, letters, especially those in Kurdish, were not delivered. It has been reported that prisoners with cancer, diabetes and blood pressure are not taken to the hospital on the pretext of the dangers of contracting the coronavirus and that no necessary arrangements have been made for their treatment in prison.”

"Nazime Avras was kept in Bitlis E-type prison for 5 months and then transferred to Gebze Women's Closed Prison. According to the information given by her brother, she was taken to prison after being kept in hospital for only 2 days, although she had a very heavy surgery.”


The Izmir Branch of the Human Rights Association (IHD) held a press conference at the branch building to draw attention to the situation of ill prisoners. The statement, attention was drawn to the situation of forensic prisoner Osman Çeken, who is suffering from Wernicke Korsakof, and is in Menemen T Type Closed Prison.

Çeken has been in prison for 8 months and has been on death fast since 4 July. Çiçek said: “Lemon, sugar water and B1, B12 medicine are given, but was given a report from the Ataturk Training and Research Hospital stating that his conditions are not compatible with prison.”

Çiçek said: " Çeken is paralyzed and weak on his left side, he has lost 25 - 30 kilos. He was not given the drugs he needed to take.”