ISIG: 154 workplace homicides recorded in December

ISIG announced that 154 workplace homicides happened in December.

The Health and Safety (ISIG) Labor Watch released the occupational homicide report for the month of December.

According to the report, a total of 154 people, 4 women and 150 men, lost their lives in workplace homicides in December. Among those who lost their lives were 5 children and 6 refugees.

The report underlined that the rate of deaths in the construction and road sectors was 29 percent, in transportation 12 percent, in agriculture and forestry 11 percent, in trade and office 9 percent and in the metal industry 8 percent. As to the causes of death, crushing and collapse accounted for 22 percent of the accidents, traffic and shuttle for 21 percent, and falling from heights for 19 percent.

Istanbul was the city with the highest number of workplace homicides.