Judge imposes new 6-month lawyer visit ban on Abdullah Öcalan

There has been no direct news from Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan since 25 March 2021. It has now been learned that he has been punished with a new 6-month lawyer visit ban.

While no direct news has been received from Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan for over a year (since 25 March 2021), a new 6-month ban on lawyers has been imposed on him before the expiry of the old one.

The old ban on lawyers expired on 22 April. However, the application made by the lawyers to Bursa Execution Judgeship on 29 April, requesting a visit with Öcalan, was rejected by the judgeship.

It was stated that the reason for the refusal was a new 6-month lawyer visit ban, which was imposed on him on 13 April. No information was given to the lawyers about the reason for the ban.

The ban decision became final on 22 April without notifying the lawyers who appealed to the Bursa Execution Judge on 6 May.