KCK slams CPT over its report on Imrali

"Publishing a report about a visit two years ago doesn’t comply with the seriousness of CPT especially when considering that Turkey is administrated under emergency rule and heaviest oppressive conditions," KCK said.

Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) on Tuesday strongly ciriticized CPT’s report about the conditions of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan who is imprisoned on Imralı island.

The co-presidency of KCK Executive Council said that the report of Committee on Prevention of Torture and Ill Treatment is “scandalous” and only serves to cover the increased pressure in Imrali.

KCK also criticized the timing of the report’s release which was published just two days after the invasion of Afrin, on March 20, after Turkey approved the document.

“Recently CPT published the results of its visit to Imrali two years ago. Publishing a report about a visit two years ago doesn’t comply with the seriousness of CPT especially when considering that Turkey is administrated under emergency rule and heaviest oppressive conditions” the statement read.

Criticizing CPT’s mentioning of lawyer and family visits (to Ocalan) in its report KCK added, “Above all, in such a fascist country like Turkey, publishing information about the prison conditions two years later is a scandal. Who knows what’s been done to the peoples (of Turkey) during this period? In a country which killed hundreds of civilians including women and children during Afrin invasion, speaking about a situation two years ago is not acceptable for an institution like CPT”.

The statement read as follows: “In addition to the insignificance of its content, the publishing or the consent to the publication of the statement raises suspicions that something is being covered up or hidden.

The recent information about the aggravated pressure and isolation on our Leader with new restrictions makes us think that the publication of this report (of CPT) is aimed for covering up or distortion (of something). In this period where hostility against Kurds is topped by AKP-MHP fascism, we know from earlier experiences that this will be first reflected to Imrali. In this regard, instead of publishing a report after two years we expect that CPT see the character of Turkish fascism and lay emphasis on the current situation. Because the report of CPT is far from convincing and relieving Kurdish public opinion and democratic powers, on the contrary it has caused more concerns.

Everyone knows that CPT’s job is not making public appeals. Especially appeals after two years are not meaningful and thought-provoking. Instead of appealing for family and lawyers visit, CPT should have done what needed be done for realization of the appeal in the past two years. Because what CPT has stated constitutes a violation of human rights crime according to the principles of the Council of Europe. Therefore it’s a violation. The CPT should have worked to appeal to concerning institutions to stop this violation or impose sanctions. The inaction (of CPT) means misconduct in office. Or there is a double standard when Kurds are the point in question and the Turkish crimes are being covered up.

This situation also concerns the Council of Europe. The ignorance of oppression and violations which are known to the Council of Europe shows that the actions are being grounded on political interests rather than principles. If this is not the case, the Council of Europe should act in accordance with its responsibilities. It should stop the Turkish state’s physical and psychological pressure over Imrali. The Kurdish people and democratic powers expect that the Council of Europe act responsibly.”

KCK urged all Kurds and democratic powers to continue their actions for Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan to put pressure on CPT and Council of Europe.