KHRAG calls on Amnesty International to investigate appalling conditions of Öcalan’s incarceration

KHRAG called on Amnesty International to investigate the appalling conditions of Öcalan’s incarceration.

The Kurdish Human Rights Action Group (KHRAG) urged Amnesty International to "investigate the appalling conditions of Abdullah Öcalan’s incarceration."

The campaign called on everyone to join the call, saying that "the Turkish regime has breached all legal standards on political prisoners, including the UN Mandela Rules on the treatment of political prisoners and has disregarded its own laws on the treatment of prisoners. Since March 25, 2021, Mr Öcalan has been held incommunicado in detention. This is cruel, degrading and inhumane treatment. We call on Amnesty International to consider the conditions of imprisonment Mr Öcalan urgently."

The petition said: "We appreciate the active role played by Amnesty International in 1999 advocating against the death penalty following the abduction of Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan. Knowing that Amnesty International, as the world’s most prominent human rights organisation, is knowledgeable of Mr. Öcalan’s situation and has spoken out in favour of his rights through statements and letters to Turkish authorities in the past, we are once again appealing to you to address his inhumane and illegal prison conditions."

The petition can be signed here