Peace Mothers from Aleppo condemn the isolation of Öcalan

Peace Mothers Initiative condemned the Turkish state’s isolation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan and called on the world public and human rights organizations to break their silence.

Reactions continue against the aggravated isolation Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan is subjected to by the AKP government of Turkey. Peace Mothers from Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood of Aleppo stated that Öcalan’s ideas produced a solution to all the problems in the Middle East.

Condemning the international plot against Öcalan, Peace Mother Widad Naso said; “What was the reason of this conspiracy against our leader? Because he was telling the truth and defending the rights of all peoples. We will never give up on this cause. He is our leader and we will definitively win.”

Peace Mother Sebah Xelil said they advocated equality and continued; “Leader Öcalan’s ideas enlightened our path. We are paying a price to put his ideas into practice. The fascist Turkish government should know that our Leader is not alone. All peoples embrace his ideas. Öcalan has the key for a solution. He will definitively attain his freedom.”

Another Peace Mother, Wehide İbrahim stressed that AKP did not want peace, telling; “The arrest of Öcalan means the arrest of all peoples. The world and human rights organizations must end this tragedy.”