Prisoners in Aksaray jail denied treatment

Prisoners Ahmet Göksu and Nusret Kaya in Aksaray T Type Prison said that they were not taken to the hospital and their medicines were given late.

Ahmet Göksu and Nusret Kaya, two prisoners in Aksaray T Type Prison, talked about the unlawfulness they were exposed to in a phone calls with their families. The prisoners said that they were not particularly taken to the hospital and that the medications prescribed in the infirmary were given late.

'They do not take you to the hospital, they give medicines after 20 days'

Ahmet Göksu said that he went to the infirmary with a complaint of throat infection, and added that the doctor should have referred him to the hospital. Instead, he had to wait for a long time before been referred. In addition, Göksu said that the medicines prescribed by the infirmary doctor were given to him 20 days later.

Göksu's family also said that the prison administration increased their arbitrary practices and psychological pressure on prisoners and added that many detainees were put in isolation.

Nüsret Kaya is also held in Aksaray. He denounced similar problems. The family said that Kaya waited nearly two years before been sent to the hospital. The family also noted that he requested many times to be transferred to Idir, where they live, but received no answer.