Prisoners: Our letters to CPT and İmralı are confiscated

Prisoners in Erzurum Dumlu Prison announced that their letters to CPT and İmralı were seized, while the prisoners on hunger strike are not given liquid food.

Prisoners in Erzurum Dumlu High Security Closed Prison No 1 told their relatives about the violations of their rights during their visits. Prisoners stated that the letters they sent to the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT) and Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan in Imrali were arbitrarily blocked.

Prisoners stated that the content of the letters included prison conditions, hunger strikes and prisoners' demands, as well as humanitarian and democratic demands, and that the administration confiscated the letters on the grounds that they were "illegal organisation propaganda".

The prisoners also stated that the prison administration did not give liquid food to the prisoners on hunger strike and said: "They are normally only given one small fruit juice a day, but this is also not given to the prisoners on the grounds that the canteen does not sell fruit juice".

On the other hand, the document "Summary algorithm for nutrition and treatment after the end of hunger strike" prepared by the Turkish Medical Association in order to protect the health condition of prisoners on hunger strike and to take necessary precautions was not given to prisoners on the grounds that it was a photocopy.

Prisoners called for sensitivity against these arbitrary and unlawful practices of the prison administration.