Report on human rights violations in Rojhilat in June

Human rights violations against Kurdish civilians and activists in the Kurdish region of Iran continued in June 2024.

In its monthly reports, the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) highlights cases of human rights violations in Kurdistan and violations of the rights of Kurdish civilians in different regions and cities across Iran.

KHRN released a new report including all cases recorded and reported by KHRN from across Iran through its own sources and verification mechanisms from 1 June to 30 June.

Accordingly, the restrictive environment for independent human rights organisations in Iran, coupled with the pressures faced by individuals subjected to human rights violations and their families, make it difficult to publish accurate and comprehensive reports.


In June, two women were killed by their husbands in Piranshahr and Sanandaj over alleged “family disputes”.

Kolbars and tradesmen

During this period, at least two kolbars were shot dead and nine kolbars were injured by Iranian border guards.

Of the injured, three were shot while six others were beaten by the border guards.

Civilian killings

In early June, at least two Kurdish civilians were killed by Iranian border guards in Oshnavieh.

On 2 June, Mohammad Ali Shiro was shot and wounded by border guards while collecting spring plants.

On 8 June, Jafar Gardi was shot and wounded by border guards on the suspicion of carrying contraband.

Landmine explosions

On 17 June, Hadi Ghoncheh-Doust, a civilian, was killed in a landmine explosion in Baneh.

Detentions and arrests

Throughout June, Iranian forces arrested at least 14 individuals, including two Yarsani civilians, an activist and a 73-year-old man.

At least two of the detained civilians were sent to Naqadeh Prison to serve prison sentences.


Over the past month, Iranian courts have sentenced at least nine people to punishments ranging from one year to three years and four months in prison.

Meanwhile, in early June, the Amnesty Commission overturned the death sentence of Kurdish Sunni cleric Mohammad Khezrnezhad.