Saturday Mothers meet in Istanbul for the 696th week

The story of Süleyman Cihan was told in Istanbul.

The Saturday Mothers gathered at Galatasaray Square for the 696th week demanding justice and truth for the disappeared.

This week’s action was dedicated to Suleyman Cihan, who disappeared in custody on 29 July 1981.

IHD Istanbul branch president lawyer Gülseren Yoleri told the story of Suleyman Cihan, who was 31, father of two and was living in Istanbul.

Yoleri, said: “Cihan had been taken into custody and many witnesses testified that. After 85 days of insistent search it was learned that Suleyman Cihan had been killed under torture and buried in the backyard of the prison, as an unknown person."

The IHD executive reminded that a false document was signed by prominent police officers stating that Cihan had committed suicide by jumping from the 6th floor of the building where he had been taken for interrogation.

In fact, Suleyman Cihan was tortured for several months according to the statements of many witnesses. Having lost his life as a result of the heavy torture, his ‘suicide’ was staged, but his body was thrown from the sixth floor of the building after he had already died.

Yoleri said that Cihan’s family applied to Kadıköy Chief Public Prosecutor again in 2012 to reopen the file.

Reminding that the Cihan’s parents have died without getting justice for their son, Yoleri stated that after 37 years the search for justice and truth is continuing.