Seriously ill prisoner Cemal Tanhan was transferred to Eskişehir

Seriously ill prisoner Cemal Tanhan was transferred to Eskişehir. Doctors informed the family that they suspected he "could have cancer".

68-year-old seriously ill prisoner Cemal Tanhan, who was held in Bolu F Type Closed Prison, was taken to the intensive care unit of Izzet Baysal State Hospital on 23 October after he suffered a stroke. Bolu State Hospital referred Tanhan to the General Surgery Department of Eskişehir City Hospital on Friday because it felt inadequate to treat him.

Cancer suspicion

Tanhan's wife, Behiye Tanhan, met with her husband with permission from the Eskişehir Chief Public Prosecutor's Office. Tanhan said: “Cemal is connected to a breathing device. He could barely move his mouth. We talked to his doctor who told us he had cysts in his lungs and they suspected that it may be cancer."

Tanhan stated that the doctor told her that it was better for her husband’s health to see him just once or twice a week because of the risk of infection.