Seriously ill prisoner Sıddık Güler is left to die, says his family

A seriously ill prisoner, 82-year-old Sıddık Güler, is left to die, says his family, adding that he was able to come to the open visit by holding on to the walls.

The situation of 82-year-old Sıddık Güler, who was deported from İskenderun T-Type Closed Prison to İzmir Menemen R-Type Closed Prison two months ago, and who is on the "seriously ill prisoner" list of the Human Rights Association (IHD), is getting worse by the day.

Due to the Eid al-Fitr, Sıddık Güler's family held an open visit in prison on Thursday. Ayşe Güler, daughter of Sıddık Güler, said her father suffers from many diseases and is not treated. She said that his condition is worsening.

Ayşe Güler said that her father, who needs constant help, was kept alone in a 3-person ward. Güler said that her father has not yet received medical treatment. Sıddık Güler's daughter said that she had difficulty in establishing a dialogue due to her father's being alone for a long time, and added that he had difficulty speaking during the meeting. Güler also noted that his father is forgetting things much quicker than before.

Güler said that her father came to the visit area by holding on to the walls. She added that her father had to buy drinking water and therefore the money sent by the family ran out in a short time, Güler reminded that her father suffered from Covid-19 twice before in Iskenderun Prison.

During the visit, Sıddık Güler told her daughter that he has difficulty walking and cannot stand.

Ayşe Güler called for sensitivity to the public and human rights organizations.