Three people tortured by the police in Antakya

The ÇHD Anti-Torture Commission calls for an investigation against special operations police officers who tortured three people in the earthquake-hit Antakya district of Hatay.

The Anti-Torture Commission of the Contemporary Lawyers’ Association (ÇHD) announced that three people were tortured by the special operations police in Antakya district of Hatay, one of the areas devastated by two earthquakes centered in Maraş province on February 6.

According to the Commission’s statement on the social media, Ö.T. and his two nephews were tortured on the street of their house on 24 February night.

The Commission stated that: “Our clients were hit in the head with pistol grips, tortured on the street for minutes, had their mobile phones seized, and then set free. Ö.T. experienced a short-term loss of consciousness as a result of torture and still suffers a trauma-incited loss of memory partially. After a medical examination, the clients testified to the accompaniment of our members on 25 February and filed a complaint against the special operations policemen that executed torture on them.”

According to the statement, Ö.T. was personally called by the police who tried to persuade him to withdraw his complaint at the district police department.

“Perpetrators of torture and those trying to cover it up are guilty and all those responsible should face an investigation in the soonest time,” said the ÇHD Commission.