Turkish soldiers beat prisoner in hospital

Turkish soldiers used violence in the hospital where Mehmet Ali Aykal, who was imprisoned in Diyarbakir No. 2 High Security Prison, went for treatment.

Mehmet Ali Aykal, who was imprisoned in Diyarbakır No. 2 High Security Closed Prison, was tortured by soldiers in Gazi Yaşargil Training and Research Hospital, where he was taken on Friday, 3 June.

Turkish soldiers took Aykal to the hospital where he had an appointment on Friday, and after he completed his registration, asked Aykal why he was in prison. In response to the question, Aykal said he was a political prisoner.

Then the soldiers asked Aykal whether he was a PKK member. The soldiers started beating him in the hospital corridor after Aykal said "Yes, I am from the PKK".

It was learned that Aykal received a report of assault from the hospital. He said he would file a criminal complaint by applying to the Human Rights Association (IHD) Amed Branch.