Two Turkish police officers accused of torturing 14-year-old released

Two Turkish police officers accused of torturing 14-year-old Y.D. in Lice were released.

Five Turkish police officers, who were detained within the scope of the investigation carried out on the abduction and torture of 14-year-old Y.D. in Amed's Lice district on 21 March, were sent to prison on 26 March by the prosecutor's office on charges of "deprivation of liberty and deliberate injury". The Lice Criminal Judgeship of Peace issued an arrest warrant for police officers İsmail Akkuş, Emre Özcan and Gökhan Bay on the charge of "deliberate injury". Two other police officers were released.

An arrest warrant was issued on Monday for Police Chief Aykut Oral and police officer Hayrettin Çakmak, who were released upon the objections of the Chief Public Prosecutor's Office and the complainant's deputies. The two police officers, who were given a warrant for their arrest at the Criminal Court of First Instance, were released by the Lice Criminal Court of Peace on the condition of "judicial control".

Amed Bar Association President Nahit Eren announced that they will appeal the decision.