Zilan Women's Festival: We are building a new life

YJK-E Spokesperson Kezban Doğan stated that the women's struggle rising in the world under the leadership of Kurdish women took its colour from Abdullah Öcalan's philosophy and said, "We are now building a new life."

Zilan Women's Festival, the largest event organised by Kurdish Women in Europe and Germany, was held in Duisburg with the participation of thousands of people on Saturday. The event, organised by the Kurdish Women's Union of Germany (YJK-E) with the slogan "With Jin-Jiyan-Azadî to the women’s revolution”, was dedicated to the pioneering women who were martyred in the Kurdish Freedom Struggle in the month of June.

Thousands of women in Kurdish national costumes flocked to the festival area and turned it into a feast with slogans and chants. Stalls displaying books, national clothes and goods attracted great interest.

During the festival, the stage was decorated with pictures of PKK's fallen pioneer women fighters, which were also carried in the area. Women carrying pennants symbolising the Women's Freedom Struggle constantly chanted the slogans "Jin Jiyan Azadî" [Woman, Life, Freedom], "Şehîd Namirin"[Martyrs are immortal] and "Bijî Serok Apo" [Long Live Leader Öcalan].

The 18th Zilan Women's Festival's music programme started with the Zarokên Rojê choir singing the anthem Ey Raqîp and a minute's silence. The programme then continued with songs sung by the Zarokên Rojê choir.

YJK-E Spokesperson Kezban Doğan made a speech at the festival. She stated that the Zilan Women's Festival is not only a political and cultural festival, but also a part of the campaign for the freedom of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan. Kezban Doğan said that the women's struggle rising in the world under the leadership of Kurdish women takes its colour from Abdullah Öcalan's philosophy and criticised the world's silence against the massacres carried out by the Turkish state against Kurdish women.  Doğan said that a new life led by Kurdish women will now be built.

After the speech, the festival continued with a music and erbane drum concert by Koma Kewana Zêrîn and a dengbêj concert. Artist Suna Alan also took the stage and the festival continued with the performance by a dance group of Afghan women.

Baloch female activist Safiz Manzoor made a speech at the festival. She talked about the struggle of women for the freedom of Balochistan and described the heavy price young women in particular have paid for freedom. Stating that the struggle led by the Kurdish Freedom Struggle is a source of inspiration and hope for many peoples, Manzoor continued her speech by telling the life stories of the pioneering women who lost their lives in the Balochi freedom struggle.