2 YRK guerrillas and 3 civilians fall martyrs in Asos air strikes

The General Command of the YRK issued a statement regarding the air raid carried out on 26 May in the village of Sefre in the region of Asos in South Kurdistan and said three civilians and two guerrillas fell martyrs.

The General Command stated that the attack was carried out thanks to intelligence provided by "traitors" and added that the Turkish state is attacking the Kurdistan people and the Kurdistan revolutionary movement in all four parts.

"The goal of Turkish occupation is to take and destroy everyone indiscriminately. That’s why it continues its attacks in the North (Bakûr), South (Başûr), East (Rojhilat) and the West (Rojava)."

The YRK stated that an air attack took place on 26 May 11.45 pm and added: "Three Kurdish civilians who had come to our friends fell martyrs when they came under the bombing following the flights of reconnaissance plane in the city of Sefre in the region of Asos. This attack proved once again that without the help of the traitors, it is impossible for the enemy to achieve his goals and that such events would not happen."

The YRK announced that two guerrillas fell martyrs and disclosed their identities as Rêbaz Sine and Zinar Brûsk from East Kurdistan.