60 Turkish soldiers and mercenaries killed in Alya and Erbagin

Following the clashes between the invading Turkish army and mercenaries and SDF fighters in the villages of Alya and Erbagin, in Til Temir , 14 military vehicles were hit and 60 invaders were killed.

Violent clashes have been reported in the area of Til Temir. 

The Turkish state's occupation attacks against Northern and Eastern Syria have been repelled by SDF fighters who reported that 60 soldiers and mercenaries were killed as a result of the clashes in the villages of Alya and Erbagin, in Til Temir. On Turkish tank was also destroyed.

In addition, 7 pickups and 7 panzer were also blown up. An armored military vehicle carrying soldiers has been seized by SDF fighters.

The Turkish army was able to remove the wounded from the region.