A photo on the hard road

There must be a road to each other, people must be travellers, they must travel to each other, they must travel with each other. This photo perhaps tells about this.

This is the way to be a gift to the country. It is also a tradition and culture of ancient peoples. This is a love journey taken by those who try to reach the essence. It is possible to take this road and to get to the end. Love for life, holding strong ties on the road; It means the importance given to life and the sense of appraisal. This integrity both protects and purifies.

These two young guerrillas are two beautiful spirits that the state could not capture; playmate, meaning making action, action buddy. Friendship meaning to be ready to give your life for each other. How is this friendship created, how is this friendship grown; how do these two guerrillas manage to live with each other? How do they weave meaning in these harsh mountains, every day so close to immortality?

Do you know what these two guerrillas are looking at?

To the escape of the occupation army members who were invading their lands; they look at those who have become the trigger of fascism and sell their strength and body, which no one claimed even after they are dead.

These two young guerrillas became the way to hit the invader just before an action. They are just two of the thousands of guerrillas. An action in Cenga Heftanin is a photo of a smile that makes the enemy lose.

It is the photo of the Kurdish people's freedom guerrilla who will win as they hit the enemy.