Abdullah Öcalan's book introduced to Armenian students in Yerevan

Translated into Armenian, one of Abdullah Öcalan's books was presented to students in Yerevan.

Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan's book “Civilisation: The Age of Masked Gods and Disguised Kings”, which was recently translated into Armenian, was introduced to students at Yerevan Mkhitar Sebasatsi educational complex.

Historian Armen Voskanyan, Kurdistan Committee Co-Chair Silo Dirboyan and journalist Lianna Mihoyan were the speakers at the book launch event, which was attended by the teachers and dozens of students.

Historian Armen Vosnakyan stated that they had been waiting for this book to be translated into Armenian for a long time and said: "This book, written by Abdullah Öcalan in 2004 under conditions of imprisonment and isolation, is meaningful and valuable in many ways. Consisting of 5 volumes, the books are the product of extensive work and labour. Each subject has been dealt with in depth, comprehensively and extensively."

Emphasising that although the book was written 20 years ago, it contains serious predictions for today, Vosnakyan continued: "Abdullah Öcalan wrote about today's situation 20 years ago. When we first read it, we find it hard to believe that he wrote this book 20 years ago. The predictions that Abdullah Öcalan put forward at that time are emerging one by one today. The translation of the book into the Armenian language is very important for both nations. No matter how much the Turkish state tried to press and force Abdullah Öcalan to end his philosophy and ideology, it was not successful. Although Abdullah Öcalan is in prison conditions, he has succeeded in making his ideas and philosophy known to the whole world through his books. Abdullah Öcalan has many styles of resistance. This book is one of them."

Journalist Lianna Mihoyan said, "A bridge has already been built in Kurdish-Armenian relations. Thanks to this book written by Abdullah Öcalan and the philosophy he has put forward in general, this relationship will become even stronger.

Silo Dirboyan, Co-Chair of the Kurdistan Committee, spoke about the paradigm of the Kurdish People's Leader and said: "Abdullah Öcalan created a confederal system. This system is now embraced by all those who are oppressed, exploited and are struggling for equality and justice. Capitalism is currently in a great deadlock, and peoples are seeking a new and free life under very difficult conditions in order to escape from the crises created by capitalism. The only address for a new, free, equal and just life is found in the philosophy and ideas of Leader Abdullah Öcalan, whose books are a cure for these diseases created by capitalism. For example, Abdullah Öcalan has built a system in which all peoples can live together equally and freely. And he discusses this in his books in a broad and comprehensive manner."

At the end of the presentation event, the book “Civilisation: The Age of Masked Gods and Disguised Kings” was distributed to the students as gifts.