Autonomous Administration Representation meets parties and organisations in Sweden

The Northern and Eastern Syria Region Autonomous Administration Representation held a series of meetings with Swedish parties and organizations.

The representation of the Autonomous Administration of the Northern and Eastern Syria Region met with Andrew Ostbury, the Socialist Party and General Member of the Swedish Parliament Relations. During the meeting, the latest political, military and health developments in Northern and Eastern Syria, cooperation activities and how to provide assistance were discussed, while the Swedish official suggested that a delegation from the Swedish parliament visit Northern and Eastern Syria.

Andrew Ostbury emphasized that the Swedish government wants to support its representation in Stockholm.

Another meeting was held with the participation of International Olof Palme Secretary General Anna Sundstrom, Middle East File executive Hêlîn Şahin and Northern and Eastern Syria Women's Coordination member Asya Abdullah.

The projects of the women supported in Northern and Eastern Syria and the desire of the Swedish counterpart to support such projects were discussed at the meeting.

A meeting was also held with Anne Margaret, Head of Support for the Kurds in Sweden and former member of Stockholm Municipality. Anne Margaret expressed her desire to hold a general conference for all Swedish organizations to support women and women's projects in Northern and Eastern Syria.

Anne Margaret also conveyed that this conference should be attended by the representatives of the Autonomous Administration and should be in December.

A meeting was also held with the Kurdish Red Day (Roja Sor) delegation in order to support non-governmental organizations in Northern and Eastern Syria.