Commander Amed Malazgirt: The guerrillas will not bow to the enemy

People's Defense Center Headquarters Commander Amed Malzgirt said that the Turkish state’s attacks on the Medya Defense Zones will never achieve their goal because "the Kurdish guerrillas, the sons and daughters of Kurdistan, will not bow to the enemy."

People's Defense Center (HSM) Headquarters Commander Amed Malzgirt spoke to Dengê Welat radio about the Turkish attacks against Medya Defense Zones and the guerrillas' resistance.

"Invasion takes place with the consent of NATO and Europe"

Commander Malazgirt said that the resistance to the invasion will be successful and recalled the failed major Turkish invasion last year. "The aim of this attack was to invade Zap and Avaşîn as quickly as possible and from there advance to other regions of South Kurdistan. The PKK guerrillas responded to this invasion with the Bazên Zagrosê (Falcon of Zagros) offensive, thus preventing an occupation by the Turkish army. Despite months of attacks on the Avaşîn region, the enemy was unable to enter certain areas at all. It then attempted to achieve results by using chemical weapons, but again failed thanks to the guerrilla resistance. Apparently, the enemy has once again obtained the approval of European states and NATO to attack the young people of Kurdistan. New weapon technology was bought to be used against the guerrillas in the war."

"Banned weapons come from NATO"

Commander Malazgirt said that "the Turkish state received banned weapons from NATO. All weapons to be used in this operation have been provided in advance. After much preparation, from 14 to 17 April, an air operation with fighter jets using sophisticated weapons was launched. The enemy bombed all areas. After the air raids, attempts were made on 17 April to deploy troops in several areas with the support of combat aircraft. The guerrillas prevented airborne operations everywhere. This also led to the enemy's withdrawal from some areas."

"Troops could only be deployed outside the guerrilla areas"

Commander Malazgirt continued: "The enemy could only deploy troops in areas that were not under our control. The enemy has dropped troops at Kuro Jahro and Şîladizê. The attacks were led by collaborators and traitors. Heavy fighting is currently taking place on the Çîyayê Reş, on the Kuro Jahro, in the areas of Şikefta Birîndara and Karker, in Avaşîn, on the Small Cîlo and on the Werxelê front. The enemy wants to take control of a few strategic areas, but our fighters resist day and night with the utmost sacrifice. The Turkish state had trusted its technology and believed that the guerrillas could do nothing against it. But it forgot one thing: no matter how powerful and strong the Turkish state and its technology may have been at the beginning of the war, the PKK guerrillas were always ready to make any sacrifice following the path of fallen soldiers like Zîlan and Egîd. On this basis, the guerrillas have been fighting tirelessly for eight days to prevent the enemy from achieving their objective."

"17 guerrillas fell as martyrs "

According to Malazgirt, at least 218 Turkish soldiers have been killed and at least 30 others injured in the past eight days. The commander also reports on the martyrs of the guerrillas: "Very valuable friends have fallen as martyrs in the attacks that have been going on for eight days. We were able to determine that 17 of our fighters had fallen. Two units have lost contact. We have already disclosed some of the martyr’s identities. We will publish the identities of the rest in the coming days. Our people should know that a very big war is taking place here and the enemy is being dealt heavy blows."

“States turn a blind eye to chemical weapons use”

Commander Malazgirt said that "the enemy uses chemicals and other prohibited weapons in the region to achieve any result. Last year the enemy used poison gas in Avaşîn and now they are using gas against our units that are resisting in the strategic areas. A yellow gas is used, which makes people faint. Another gas is pitch black. The enemy uses the nastiest chemical weapons. If the Turkish state had used its chemical weapons against another state, the whole world would be outraged. But the Turkish state is a privileged member of NATO and therefore has some advantages. It is allowed anything to crush the PKK. Therefore, the European states and the regional powers in particular tolerate the use of chemical weapons. That is why our patriotic people, the people of Kurdistan, especially in Bakur and there, especially in Amed, the heart of Kurdistan, should support the guerrilla resistance. Everyone should take the initiative and rise up against this occupation. [Turkish Interior Minister] Süleyman Soylu claims that the PKK has been destroyed in the north and that the will of the guerrillas has been broken. A few people who sold themselves stand in front of the press to say 'We are Turks': this is how the Turkish state tries to sell itself as successful."

"The people must lighten the burden of the guerrillas"

Commander Malazgirt continued: "The people of Kurdistan, especially in Bakur, should know very well that the war currently being fought in the Zap and Avaşîn regions is bigger than the war in Ukraine. Because the Turkish state doesn't listen to anyone and uses all prohibited weapons. For the guerrillas, it is necessary that the people become active. Of course, the guerrillas know that the Kurdish people have been protesting in the four parts of Kurdistan and in Europe since the beginning of the war. That's true, but not enough. Especially when it comes to Bakur. There are arrests, imprisonments, people are thrown in jail and people are murdered in prison. What's left to lose? Our people must take to the streets. The people of Bakur and Amed should lead all of Kurdistan with their resistance. This is our expectation of young people and all people. Some circles speak like traitors and collaborators, saying nothing should happen because the North has already suffered enough. They are trying to manipulate the discourse."

"Beat the Turkish state where you hit it"

Commander Malazgirt said that "all people who still have dignity and conscience, who want the Kurdish struggle to be successful, must do everything in their power and stand up to the guerrillas. The enemy kills the children of these people, calls them terrorists and at the same time speaks of Turkish-Kurdish brotherhood."

Commander Malazgirt called on everyone to "take the war to Turkey and hit the Turkish state wherever it can be hit. The Kurdish youth should, in this sense, give an answer to the enemy and lighten the burden of the guerrillas. Before it is too late, the war should be waged in all areas in North Kurdistan. In the metropolises of Turkey and in other parts of Kurdistan, too, the Kurdish people have to take a stand against the enemy."

"The PKK and the Kurdish people will win"

Commander Malazgirt said: “The Turkish state apparatus is aware that there are people who fear the Turkish military because of the atrocities they have committed. But the free, patriotic Kurds and the guerrillas are not afraid of the Turkish state. The regime knows that. So it does everything it can to break that will. Neither the Kurdish guerrillas nor the sons and daughters of Kurdistan will ever bow to the enemy. If they fall, then they fall with dignity for the Kurds and for Kurdistan. The martyrs of this war are the dignity of the Kurdish people. The Kurdish people are proud of their children. Just like the Turkish state, all its institutions mobilized for this war and even brought the opposition into line, everyone who calls themselves Kurds, no matter in what part of Kurdistan he is living, should unite against the occupation. This is the task of all people from Kurdistan.”