DEM Party starts election campaign in Batman

The DEM Party started the election campaign in Batman.

People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) started the election campaign in Batman (Êlih). DEM Party Batman Municipality co-mayor candidates Gülistan Sönük and Mehdi Öztüzün, DEM Party MPs Gülcan Kaçmaz Sayyiğit, Sabahat Erdoğan Sarıtaş, Kamuran Tarhan, Tevgera Jinên Azad (TJA), Peace Mothers Assembly, TUAY-DER (association of solidarity with prisoners and their families) attended the statement made in front of the Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Provincial Building.

Kaçmaz Sayyiğit: No compromise on equal representation

DEM Party MP Gülcan Kaçmaz Sayyiğit drew attention to the ongoing aggravated isolation of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan and said: "The isolation policy that started in Imralı is now manifesting itself in many areas. We organized a 'Freedom March' between 1 and 15 February. When the isolation ends, Mr. Öcalan's paradigm will be the herald of a new life. The biggest example of this is Rojava. We aim for a democratic, ecological and free women paradigm. Great struggles and sacrifices were made for this. We will never compromise on equal representation. Co-presidency is our purple line. We know that each of our patriotic people will act in this direction."

Tekik: Freedom is the ultimate goal, politics is the tool

DEM Party Batman Provincial Organization co-chair Mustafa Mesut Tekik said that the people of the city will have a great victory in the 31 March elections and added: "We take to the streets with the highest spirit of unity. Freedom is the end goal; politics is the tool. We invite all our people to focus on success."

Municipal co-mayor candidate Mehdi Öztüzün said: "Co-mayorhip is indispensable for us. We will work hard together with our people. We demand the people of Batman to vote for us. We know that everyone will vote for us."

Struggle focused on victory

Co-mayor candidate Gülistan Sönük said that they have entered a process focused on victory and added: "We will fight together with our people to govern this city."