Dr. Rifed: Turkey's military and cultural invasion should be met with massive uprising

Dr. Raid Rifed, a lecturer from Hewlêr University, spoke out against the military presence of the Turkish state in South Kurdistan, stating that Turkey's military and cultural occupation should be met with massive uprising.

Hewlêr University Lecturer Dr. Raid Rifed spoke to ANF about Turkey’s invasion attacks and its presence in South Kurdistan (North Iraq).

Dr. Raid Rifed condemned the silence of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Ministry of Culture concerning Turkey's invasion and attacks, saying, “The Turkish state has occupied South Kurdistan not only in military terms but also with its culture, TV series and movies. I condemn the apathy of the Hewlêr government's Ministry of Culture against this.”

Pointing to the military headquarters and intelligence centres of the Turkish army in the region, Dr. Rifed emphasized that there should be both a national and international plan so that the Turkish occupation of South Kurdistan does not become permanent.

Dr. Rifed noted that Turkey has more than 40 strategically important headquarters in South Kurdistan, adding, “These headquarters were built without the approval of the people of the region and the government apart from one group, and therefore they are not legitimate.”


Dr. Rifed remarked that a serious attitude should be adopted against the invasion attacks of the Turkish state. “If there is no serious attitude, Turkey’s invasion and attacks cannot be prevented. Before its invasion, the Turkish state had occupied the minds of a significant part of the young people in South Kurdistan with its culture, art and literature. Therefore, a mass rebellion against Turkey's military and cultural occupation is necessary. A break with Turkey can take place only as part of a plan and program.”

Dr. Rifed stressed that conducting a diplomatic struggle against Turkey's invasion in the international arena is important. “The Kurdistan administration should put pressure on international forces to put an end to the Turkish attacks and occupation not only through the consulates and embassies here, but also through representations abroad,” he remarked.

Dr. Rifed also addressed the ongoing invasion attacks against Rojava Kurdistan and said, “The justifications Turkey put forward for its attacks against Bashur (South), Rojava (West) and even Rojhilat (East) Kurdistan are far from reality. The military operations of Turkey go against international law. It is unacceptable that Turkey cites security concerns for these attacks.”


Condemning the silence of certain intellectuals and artists and the Ministry of Culture regarding Turkey's invasion and attacks, Dr. Rifed stated, “The Turkish state has occupied the society of South Kurdistan not only in military terms but also with its culture, TV series and films. I condemn the apathy of the Hewler government's Ministry of Culture against this.”

Dr. Rifed said that Southern Kurdistan society does not make enough effort in order not to be influenced by Turkish, Arab and Persian cultures. “The Ministry of Culture and other institutions should warn the public against this cultural invasion through seminars, panels and similar events. Unfortunately, no serious attempt has been made so far,” he added.