‘East Kurdistan should celebrate Newroz with unprecedented enthusiasm this year’

The Democratic and Free Society of East Kurdistan (KODAR) Member Ferhad Pawe called on the Kurdish people in East Kurdistan to participate in the Newroz celebrations in the spirit of Amed Newroz and Mazlum Doğan's struggle.

Ferhad Pawe, a member of the KODAR, congratulated the Kurdish people in East Kurdistan, Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, freedom fighters, and all pro-freedom peoples of the world on the Newroz festival. He emphasized that the Kurdish people in East Kurdistan should stand up against the Iranian regime’s policy of making Newroz meaningless by celebrating this year’s Newroz wholeheartedly.


Below is Pawe’s Newroz address:

“In the beginning of spring and on Newroz, I revere respectfully all our martyrs who struggled for freedom and liberty. I celebrate Newroz, the resistance day of all freedom fighters, families of martyrs, Kurdish people and pro-freedom peoples of the world, including Öcalan, the leader of struggle, resistance and resurrection.

Newroz is an ancient holiday that dates to the ancient and precious Zagros culture. It has a valuable meaning which promotes struggle, resistance, rebellion and revival to eliminate occupation, subjugation, oppression and all kinds of persecution. Throughout history, the Kurdish people have struggled for the establishment of a free and equal world against the invaders and oppression. Of course, this year's Newroz has a greater importance and relevance. The reason is that the Kurdish people and the freedom movement are now closer to freedom than ever before, and the threats and dangers to our people and the freedom movement have increased and become more alarming.

Newroz has greater meaning and significance this year. As is known, the invading states of Kurdistan, including the corrupt regime of the Islamic Republic and the fascist regime of Turkey, are facing many problems and crises both at home and abroad. The invading Turkish regime is currently attacking the guerrillas who fight for the freedom of Kurdistan and our people in every way possible.

The Iranian state also wants to systematically alienate Newroz from its true nature and meaning and prevent it from being celebrated in a more dignified and enthusiastic way this year. Therefore, our people in East Kurdistan, in all four parts of Kurdistan and abroad, should celebrate Newroz this year with unprecedented enthusiasm and all social segments should participate in the celebrations.

In conclusion, I call on all our people, especially those in East Kurdistan, to participate in the Newroz celebrations in the spirit of Amed Newroz and in the fighting spirit of Mazlum Doğan, to strengthen the voice of the struggle and resistance, and to reach our goals and objectives so that the occupation and destruction of our country will come to an end as soon as possible. I congratulate all of you on Newroz, the festival of resistance and uprising, and say "Bijî Newroz, bijî berxwedan and bijî Rêber Apo".”