Footage of equipment seized from the killed Turkish soldiers whose deaths are kept secret

ANF footage shows the equipment of the Turkish soldiers killed in the Şehîd Leyla Sorxwîn Amed Revolutionary Operation in guerrilla areas. The Turkish army has so far kept the number and names of the dead soldiers secret.

While the guerrillas carry out daily sniper operations, sabotage operations and attacks with heavy weapons against the Turkish occupiers in small units, revolutionary operations have taken place in recent weeks in which several guerrilla units have acted in coordination against one target. The Turkish army has suffered heavy losses in these operations.

One of these operations was the Şehîd Leyla Sorxwîn Amed Revolutionary Operation carried out on 26 November in the Metina region in the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). Turkish army positions in the Girê Çarçel resistance area were overrun by five guerrilla units. 18 soldiers were killed, and large quantities of military equipment were confiscated. The Turkish army did everything it could to conceal its heavy losses. Neither the numbers nor the identities of the Turkish soldiers killed were published. In early December, Gerîla TV published footage from the preparation and execution of the operation, as well as the seized equipment. The footage also shows the deaths of Turkish soldiers.

Footage obtained by ANF shows the equipment seized by the guerrillas, including backpacks with the names of killed soldiers. The names on the rucksacks are Samet Kulaç, Mustafa Akalp, Ismail Yılmaz and Mücahit Gökyer. Whereas in the past it was mainly conscripts who were deployed, making it almost impossible to conceal the deaths in the long term, nowadays it is mainly professional soldiers and mercenaries who are deployed to the region to take part in the war against the guerrillas. The families of professional soldiers are obliged to remain silent in the event of the soldier's death. In this way, the Turkish state tries to keep its heavy losses secret and prevent combat fatigue.