Step by step images of the guerrilla operation Martyr Leyla Sorxwîn released

During the revolutionary Operation Şehîd Leyla Sorxwîn Amed, the guerrillas overran Turkish positions in Metina and inflicted heavy losses on the Turkish army. A video of the direct preparations for the campaign has now been published.

While the guerrillas carry out daily sniper operations, sabotage operations and attacks with heavy weapons against the Turkish occupiers in small units, revolutionary operations have taken place in recent weeks in which several guerrilla units have acted in coordination against one target. The Turkish army suffered heavy losses in these operations.

One of these operations was the revolutionary operation Şehîd Leyla Sorxwîn Amed in the southern Kurdish region of Metina. At least 18 Turkish soldiers were killed in the operation and large amounts of military material were confiscated. There were no casualties on the guerrilla side.

The online portal Gerîla TV has now published recordings of the final preparations for the operation. The recordings consist of three parts.

In the first part, Haki Armanc, one of the commanders of the HPG headquarters, explains to the guerrilla units involved in the operation that the revolutionary operation should be carried out in memory of the fallen fighters Baran Çirav, Binevş Vejîn and Amed Avesta. They had carried out an operation on Girê Hekarî on 26 November 2022.

Armanc said: “No matter what the enemy does, we will definitely strike. We have to get there before the enemy is there, we have to wait for the enemy.” Armanc described how the fighters should take a position and how important it is to focus on the goal. Finally, he wished the fighters success.

Original sounds from guerrilla fighters setting off for action are then shown. In the discussions, the fighters repeatedly emphasize their certainty of victory and determination. After the short discussions, the fighters set off for action.

18 soldiers killed

The HPG press center gave the following information about the operation: “On 26 November, at 5:10 p.m., the revolutionary operation Şehîd Leyla Sorxwîn Amed was carried out against the occupying forces in the Girê Çarçel resistance area. The revolutionary operation was carried out by five columns using infiltration tactics. The occupiers were effectively attacked with grenades and individual weapons. Our forces were able to inspect the bodies of 12 members of the invading force and determine their deaths. The invasion troops that came to reinforce the occupiers targeted by our forces were also ambushed and effectively attacked. Six of them were killed. In total, 18 occupiers were killed in the revolutionary operation. Also taken were a BKC machine gun, a grenade launcher, two MPT-55 infantry rifles, twelve MPT-55 weapon magazines, a detector, two rifle scopes, a large satellite phone, two cell phones, a thermal imaging binocular, two power banks, four raincoats, two coats, an assault vest, five bags, a set of military clothing, a helmet, a medical bag, a thermos, a pair of gloves and two knives confiscated by our forces.”

The Turkish army could not hide its losses

Although the Turkish army hides the losses of its soldiers from the Turkish public and portrays the Turkish army as successful, the HPG press center and other sources announced the names of some Turkish soldiers who were killed by the guerrillas.

The Turkish army has been bombing the guerrilla areas since the day of the operation. According to sources in the region, the mood among Turkish soldiers in South Kurdistan is becoming increasingly sour and many just want to go home.