Guerrilla Ferman: Protecting Kurdistan lands against the invaders

HPG guerrilla Ferman Memyan (Semih Kaplan) took part in the Heftanin resistance against the Turkish state's invasion attack. He is one of the guerrillas who joined the caravan of the immortals by inflicting heavy blows on the invaders.

Ferman Memyan fell determined and brave like a hawk. He was known as a gazelle integrated with the nature of Kurdistan. Ferman Memyan, whose smile was full of hope, was a source of morale and motivation for everyone, even in the middle of the war. It was impossible for those who knew him closely to dislike him and not be closed to him.

Martyr Ferman's friends describe him with the following words: "Heval Ferman was devoted to the leadership and the martyrs. He was adding colour to life with the spirit of leadership in every sense. He was educating himself every day because he liked to develop himself and he knew his duty. Heval Ferman was a guerrilla of the democratic modernity. He took an active part in the revolutionary people's war and successfully fulfilled his duty."

When we interviewed Martyr Ferman, he used the following statements regarding the resistance of Heftanin: "The propaganda of the Turkish state in the mainstream media is far from reality. They have not accomplished anything in Heftanin, on the contrary, they have suffered great losses. Everywhere they want to move forward, they are hitting the historical resistance of the guerrilla. Let the enemies know that the guerrilla has not left a single position until now, and will not. It will not be easy for them to enter Heftanin. This Kurdish paradise will be their hell.

None of the soldiers deployed in the fields can move freely, they are all targeted by the guerrilla. They took a few areas, but the guerrilla did not retreat there. Guerrillas constantly attack the soldiers in the region, which creates a psychology of fear in them. The Turkish state did not expect such a situation to be encountered, at first they acted very easily. They were confident in their technique. But after being hit by the guerrilla, their psychology deteriorated. They don't know when the guerrillas will attack."

Heftanin resistance had a tremendous impact on the people of Kurdistan, and once again strengthened their patriotism. Martyr Ferman Memyan made the following call to the people: "It is my call to the people of Kurdistan that, just as the guerrilla is resisting the enemy with great heroism, they should stand up against fascism and be complementary to the guerrilla. Because everyone knows the occupying state very well. The entire people of Kurdistan are the target of the occupying state. They should not remain silent against this occupation. They are attacking every area of Kurdistan and they are killing civilians. We are the Fedayeen of our people, we are ready to defend the gains of our people in all areas of Kurdistan. We will defeat the Turkish state in Heftanin and all over Kurdistan."

Ferman Memyan played a leading role in the Heftanin resistance. With his very existence, he became a shield against the invaders. He joined the resistance with all his might and fought with a self-sacrificing spirit to defend the land of Kurdistan until his last breath...