Guerrillas destroy Turkish army security camera

The security camera that the invading Turkish army placed in the Werxelê area of Avaşîn was destroyed by guerrillas who recorded the action.

HPG and YJA Star guerrillas carry out numerous actions against the invasion war launched by the Turkish army against Zap, Avaşîn and Metîna on 17 April 2022. The security camera placed in the Werxelê area of Avaşîn by the invading Turkish army, became the target of the guerrillas.

By recording their actions, the guerrillas also exposed the fake news spread by the Turkish media. Two guerrillas named Rêvan and Çalak carried out an action against the security cameras placed in the Werxelê area in Avaşîn, and the first thing they did was to get their head cameras ready.

Speaking to the camera of another guerrilla, Çalak and Rêvan said that they came to the positions occupied by the Turkish army to carry out an action.

They said that the invading Turkish army, who could do nothing against the guerrillas, left the position and fled. They added: “They are unable to fight and therefore they are using all kinds of superior technology against us. We are also fighting with the enemy's technology. We will soon destroy the security camera they placed here.”

Relying on technology

Guerrillas Çalak and Rêvan, who retreated after carrying out the action, underlined that the Turkish soldiers could only try to respond with howitzers and mortars or air strikes from afar.

The cameras destroyed by the guerrillas show once again that the Turkish soldiers cannot fight against the guerrillas and are relying on technology.