HBDH: The only way to emancipation is united revolution

HBDH Executive Committee said the guerrillas under the joint command are expanding the united revolution and that the only way to emancipation is united revolution.

The Peoples’ United Revolutionary Movement (HBDH) Executive Committee issued a written statement and said the guerrillas under the joint command in Agri and Igdir carried out actions on April 18 and June 1 and caused severe casualties.

The HBDH Executive Committee statement is as follows:

“The lands of Turkey and Kurdistan are going through critical processes that will affect the struggle for emancipation by our peoples and our peoples’ future. The economic-political crisis deepens every day for the fascist state, which in turn tries every method available to hold on to its hegemony, but fails. Every step they take to fortify their hold on power is voided after a while, and they get reckless and more aggressive in their fascistic practices. On one hand there is the deepening of tyrannical and genocidal policies, and on the other election processes that we have been going through constantly without any solution to any issues, which tell us one thing and one thing alone: The hegemons cannot govern. They are weak, and they are in the process of collapsing.

Our duty is to accelerate this collapse, and to throw this order of tyranny in the trash can of history along with those who own it. This dark order that has made a nightmare of our peoples’ lives and the fascist state that implements it must fall. The only way to emancipation for our peoples is the revolutionary struggle and the united revolution.

With this perspective, we continue the HBDH efforts and actions that aim for the emancipation of the peoples of Kurdistan and Turkey.

In this context we salute the actions by our guerrilla forces on April 18 in Dogubeyazit and June 1 in Igdir where the enemy suffered great casualties, and we wish for their success to continue.

HBDH forces will continue to grow the struggle in all areas of Turkey and Kurdistan, and will reach the target for sure. With our unity, our march and the strength we derive from our immortalized, we promise once again that we will prevail in the United Revolution. We are calling on our peoples to support the United Revolution struggle led by the HBDH and to lend their strength to the revolutionary movement.”