HDP Ceylan reiterates need for Kurdish unity

The right to have a say for Kurds in the Middle East is only possible if unity is established in Kurdistan on a democratic basis, says HDP Amed Provincial co-chair Zeyat Ceylan.

HDP Amed Provincial co-chair Zeyat Ceylan spoke to ANF about the current situation in Kurdistan and evaluated the latest comments on Kurdish unity made by Abdullah Öcalan, who is still in isolation in the prison island of Imrali. 

On 27 April, during a telephone call with his brother Mehmet Öcalan, Kurdish people's leader, Abdullah Öcalan, emphasized the importance of a common approach and understanding between the various Kurdish parties.

Ceylan said: "Mr. Öcalan has invited all Kurds to unite. The right to have a say for Kurds in the Middle East is only possible if unity is established in Kurdistan on a democratic basis. Mr Öcalan has been working on this unity for years. He had previously written a letter to Barzani and Talabani demanding the organisation of a national congress. In this letter he had pointed out the importance of Kurdish unity."

Ceylan added: "If the Kurds lose what they have achieved so far, it means they would have lost another century. No matter which party they represent, all representatives should understand that unity should be the guide of their actions. We are not saying we need to convene a national congress tomorrow, but we need to understand that the attacks today are not only aimed at one part of Kurdistan. The attacks are targeting the existence of the Kurdish people in all parts of Kurdistan, and must be protested. That's why Öcalan said: 'If we don't build unity, not only South Kurdistan and Northeast Syria, but all of Kurdistan will lose its achievements.'"

The people demand unity

Ceylan continued: "It was because the Kurds could not find a common position that they were massacred, their cities destroyed and looted. If the Kurds had found a common position, we would not have had to endure the pain of Kirkuk, we would not have had to experience the Afrin massacres. If we don't build our unity today, we will suffer even harder days. The occupiers benefit from this situation. The people demand unity."

The KDP used the coronavirus as an excuse to send troops to Zînê Wertê

The KDP, said Ceyilan, "used the coronavirus as a pretext and sent troops to Zînê Wertê. This created violent tensions between the Kurdish parties. Although the Kurdish public reacted strongly everywhere, the KDP has not yet taken a step back. The South Kurdish government should behave intelligently and solve problems through diplomatic channels. If a Kurdish side makes agreements with the occupiers, it does great damage to the Kurdish people and their parties.

If the Kurds lose, all of Kurdistan will lose, and vice versa. That is why there may be trade relations between Turkey and south Kurdistan, but these relations must not take place at the expense of the Kurdish people. The fascist AKP / MHP alliance is hostile to the Kurdish people. The South Kurdish government must see this situation and act accordingly."

The AKP used the pandemic as an opportunity

As to the coronavirus pandemic and its handling in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan, Ceylan said: "The AKP government could have used this situation to create social peace and democracy. But unfortunately it did not do this. Instead it used old patterns. It continues to behave towards the Kurds in accordance with its policy of annihilation and denial, which stems from its fascist mentality. The AKP actually saw the virus as an opportunity to attack once again the achievements of the Kurdish people. But we will stop the war and denial system. Our path is that of struggle and truth. We will certainly win."