Historian and poet Mustafa Reşid calls for unity

Rojava historian and poet Mustafa Reşid said that the Turkish state first occupied Afrin and now has the same plans for South Kurdistan.

Reactions to the Turkish state's invasion attacks against South Kurdistan continue. Rojava historian and poet Mustafa Reşid reacted to the Turkish state's invasion attacks and the silence surrounding them. Reminding that the Turkish state already has military bases in South Kurdistan, Reşid said that the South Kurdish and the Iraqi governments should take a stance against the invasion attacks.

Reşid said that the Kurdish people are isolated in the world and that the Turkish state, encouraged by this, has increased its attacks. The historian underlined that Turkey is also attacking nature, it cuts trees, sells them, burns forests. This, he said, “resembles neither British nor French or Dutch colonialism.” The Turkish state is doing the same in Afrin, said the historian, adding that “now it wants to replicate what it is doing there in South Kurdistan. As a Kurd, I strongly condemn the attacks against our lands. It is not enough to take a stand against these attacks, the important thing is how to solve the problem."

Emphasizing that no serious support was given to the Kurdish people against the attacks of the Turkish state, Reşid explained the reason as follows: "The silence of the South Kurdish government and the world are related to our isolation. Nobody supports us. In the 1990s, our movement was listed as a 'terrorist organization'. People should be held accountable for this, why did they bring us to this stage? If these problems are not resolved, the world will always remain silent. This situation will not change unless our name is removed from the ‘list of 'terrorist organizations'. Do we want a solution or do we say 'no, everything we've done so far is correct'. There is no such thing in the world. People who work do make mistakes, and they do wrong things. Once again, some of the actions taken in the 1990s were wrong and harmed our movement. If we are still isolated in the world, it is because wrongs are not righted."

Mustafa Reşid reminded that the Turkish state plundered Afrin after the invasion and said that the same pillage is what Turkey wants to carry out in South Kurdistan. Reşid added: "The Turkish state confiscated the olive trees, vineyards and orchards of the people in Afrin. People cannot say anything about the cruelty and torture they have suffered because the invaders have weapons in their hands, Kurds are unarmed.

The Turkish state wants to implement the invasion plan it carried out in Afrin in South Kurdistan. The people there are forced to leave their villages due to the invasion attacks. The Turkish state has now entered 30 km inside the territory of South Kurdistan and is trying to go further. It is time to take a firm stance against Turkey.”