HPG: 34 soldiers were killed in Girê Amediyê Revolutionary Operation

The HPG Press Center said in a statement that the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas, killed 34 soldiers in Zap after the victory in Xakurke.

The HPG Press Center said in a written statement that the "Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas carried out revolutionary operations with the Apoist sacrificial spirit, high courage and indomitable will. The Martyr Ahmed Rûbar Revolutionary Operation carried out in Xakurkê on 22 December and the coordinated action in Metina, together with the revolutionary operations carried out in Zap's Kurojahro and Girê Amediyê Resistance Areas on 23 December, dealt heavy blows to the occupying Turkish army. Although the losses of the Turkish army have been disclosed by our forces together with their documents and information, the occupying army and its special war media are trying to hide those losses from the Turkish public and the whole world. However, no matter how hard they try to hide it in panic, they cannot hide the impact of the crushing blows they received from the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas."

"News of huge losses among guerrillas is a complete lie"

The statement continued: "The occupying army and its special war media are trying to hit the morale of our guerrilla force by claiming that they have caused many losses to our ranks. By telling these lies they tray to motivate their mercenaries who are unable to fight, and on the other hand, they are trying to present their defeat to the Turkish public in a different way. Our patriotic people and the entire Turkish public should know that our comrade Memyan fell as a martyr in the Martyr Ahmed Rûbar Revolutionary Operation, and our comrades Welat, Helmet and Hüseyin fell as martyrs in the Girê Amediyê Revolutionary Operation. We have suffered no losses other than these four brave and heroic comrades. What the occupying army and its special war media state about guerrilla losses is a complete lie."

Hit from 7 different points

The statement then gave details of the Girê Amediyê Revolutionary Operation as follows:

"Martyr Delîl revolutionary operation was carried out against the invaders in the Girê Amediyê Resistance Area of the Western Zap region at 14:40 on 23 December. In this revolutionary operation, the invaders, which consisted of 200 soldiers, 44 positions and 3 sections with tents, tanks and panzers, were targeted. In the revolutionary operation, which started with infiltration tactics and was carried out from 7 different points."

Three martyrs in Girê Amediyê Revolutionary Operation

The statement added: "The team of the revolutionary operation, led by our comrade Welat, quickly reached the invaders. All positions and tents belonging to the invaders in this part were destroyed. Due to the effective strikes of our guerrillas, the invaders here abandoned their positions and fled to another position. Here, however, they were also targeted and effectively shot at close range with hand grenades and personal weapons by other teams of guerrillas. Our comrades Welat and Helmet, who were injured here, continued the revolutionary operation with great courage, will and determination, and continued to clash with the enemy, despite their serious injuries. Our comrades Welat and Helmet fought heroically until their last breath and achieved martyrdom.

Our comrade Hüseyin, one of the leading militants of the revolutionary operation, died a martyr after fighting heroically while advancing on the enemy with the Apoist self-sacrificing spirit and high courage, knocking down the enemy's positions with hand grenades and personal weapons.

Our revolutionary operation forces, which dealt a heavy blow to the enemy forces in the first two sections, killed 34 invaders in the Girê Amediyê Resistance Area."