HPG announces identities of four guerrillas who fell as martyrs in Medya Defense Areas

The HPG announced the identities of four guerrillas who fell as martyrs in the resistance against the Turkish army in the Medya Defense Areas.

The Press Center of the People's Defense Forces (HPG), said in a statement that in April and May guerrillas Rêber Andok, Armanc Kurdo, Botan Amed and Çiya Garzan fell as martyrs in the resistance to the Turkish invasion in the Zap and Avaşîn regions in the Medya Defense Areas.

The identity details of the martyrs are as follows:

   Codename: Rêber Andok

   First and last name: Veysel Diri

   Place of birth: Amed

   Mother and Father's Name: Münevver – Şehmus

   Date and place of death: April 2022 / Avaşîn

   Codename: Armanc Kurdo

   First and last name: Baran Doymaz

   Place of Birth: Semsur

   Mother and Father's Name: Fatma – Şeyho

   Date and place of death: April 2022 / Avaşîn


   Codename: Botan Amed

   First and last name: Ahmet Yener

   Place of birth: Amed

   Mother and father's name: Netice – Garip

   Date and place of death: May 2022 / Zap


   Codename: Çiya Garzan

   First and last name: Sait Gencer

   Place of birth: Istanbul

   Mother and Father's Name: Cemile – Abdulhadi

   Date and place of death: May 2022 / Zap

Reber Andok

Reber Andok came from the province of Amed. He grew up in a patriotic family and experienced repression by the Turkish state as a child. He witnessed the burning of villages by the Turkish army. After experiencing the oppression, he became determined to take action against the Turkish occupation. In 2006, during the Amed uprising, Reber Andok again witnessed how the Turkish state opened fire on young people, killing several of them. The uprising erupted after the Turkish army killed 14 guerrilla fighters with chemical weapons.

In 2011, Andok joined the guerrillas. He learned guerrilla warfare through practice in the field, becoming a professional fighter in a short period of time. When the Islamic State attacked Shengal in 2014, he was involved in the fighting to rescue the population. He fought on the front lines against ISIS. He then took part in the campaign to militarily defeat ISIS in Rojava and Syria. Although he was repeatedly injured, he went immediately back to the front. In order to further professionalize himself, he went back to the mountains and was trained to become a member of the special unit Hêzên Taybet. This made him an experienced commander. When the Turkish military attacked Avaşîn in 2021, Andok played an important role in repelling the invasion.

Armanc Kurdo

Armanc Kurdo came from an Alevi family from Adiyaman in North Kurdistan. His family is committed to Kurdish values, and many of their members fell in the struggle for freedom or are in the guerrillas. His uncle Imam Egenik fell in 1985, his cousin Zeynep Ergenik (Berivan) in 1992, his aunt Makbule Doymaz (Fidan) in 1994 and his uncle Hasan Doymaz in 1995. Armanc Kurdo grew up with the Kurdish freedom struggle and dreamed of becoming a guerrilla from an early age.

He joined the revolutionary youth movement and then went to Samsun to study engineering. Due to his connection to the freedom struggle and the university environment, Kurdo decided against becoming part of the system and instead joined the guerrillas in 2014. He took his first steps as a guerrilla in the Gare region.

He then moved to the Hêzên Taybet and became a commander. He fulfilled his last task in the Zap region. He took an active part in the “Revolutionary Offensive Bazên Zagrosê” (Zagros Falcons) and fought against the major Turkish invasion that began in April. He resisted for days and finally fell in battle against the Turkish army.

Botan Amed

Botan Amed came from the northern Kurdish metropolis of Amed. His family is shaped by the Kurdish struggle for freedom. Four of his uncles died in the 1980s and 1990s, so he got to know the revolutionary struggle at a young age. At the same time, he experienced repression by the Turkish state. He joined the revolutionary struggle in West Kurdistan during the Rojava Revolution. There he continued to educate himself and develop himself, eventually realizing his desire to join the guerrillas. In 2020 he became a member of Hêzên Taybet.

Botan Amed fell in May.

Ciya Garzan

Çiya Garzan's family comes from the northern Kurdish province of Bitlis. Before he was born, his family was forced to migrate to Istanbul due to the oppression and persecution by the Turkish state. The eviction policy of thousands of Kurdish families by the Turkish state made him angry.

He maintained his ties to Kurdistan and closely followed all developments in the region. Even as a child he dreamed of joining the guerrillas. Against the background of the struggle and the great hunger strike in 2019, he decided to join. After his basic training he became a member of the Hêzên Taybet. In addition to an effective practice, he also tried to professionalize himself as a guerrilla fighter and eventually became a commander.

The HPG offered their condolences to the families of the fallen and to the patriotic people of Kurdistan.