HPG guerrilla Agir Qamişlo: We will hold the enemy accountable for the massacres in Kurdistan

HPG guerrilla Agir Qamişlo said that the liberation effort made by the guerrillas cannot be destroyed in the territory of Kurdistan and added: "We will definitely hold the enemy accountable, if not this year, the next."

Agir Qamishlo is an HPG guerrilla currently fighting in the war tunnels of Zap for the defense of Kurdistan.

Kurdistan Freedom Guerrilla Agir Qamişlo spoke to ANF shortly before the invasion attack launched by the Turkish state on 17 April 2022.

Referring to the victorious experiences the guerrillas had in 2021, Agir Qamişlo underlined that “the invading Turkish army will definitely be held accountable for the massacres carried out with chemical weapons in the mountains of Kurdistan.”

Guerrilla Agir continued: “In Mamreşo, Martyr Serdar, Aris-Faris, Küçük Cilo, Hill, Sor, Werxelê and Zendura the resistance contributed a lot to us. We made it very clear that the enemy should not stay in Kurdistan. The resistance of our friends gave us  great strength.”

Drawing attention to the fallen guerrillas of the past, Agir Qamişlo said: “The martyrdom of our comrades was never ordinary. The inhuman and brutal use of chemical weapons and the great resistance shown against them, has not only focused us, but I think it has created serious questions in everyone who says to be human."

Guerrilla Agir Qamishlo said: “No matter what happens, the enemy will give an account for the massacres it has committed. If it is not this year, it will be next. They killed our friends with chemical weapons, and they will be held accountable for this. Every guerrilla fighting in these mountains has only one thing in mind: defeating the enemy."

Stating that the guerrillas are always creative against every inhumane method used by the Turkish state, Agir Qamishlo continued: “Guerrillas are always working hard to develop their resistance. I can also say that this situation provides more strength for the guerrillas. These lands have seen the experience and labor of many guerrillas, the enemy cannot easily come and destroy the freedom labor created by countless guerrillas.”