International Working Brigades head to Rojava

The International Working Brigades made up of 26 internationalists is heading to Rojava.

26 internationalists from various countries are going to Rojava. The International Working Brigades said in a statement that they hope to cross the Semalka border soon. “We want to go to Rojava because we think that the democratic revolution and the women's liberation movement there, are very important movements for the whole world and especially for this region. We want to support the Autonomous Administration and we want to show our solidarity against the Turkish attacks.”

Internationalist Margot Schmidt from Germany said they want “to raise awareness in the Western countries where we come from about this illegal war that's being waged here and about the freedom movement. Because our countries are also involved in this conflict. For example, Germany is one of the biggest partners of Turkey and it is delivering weapons which are used here against our friends. The German government doesn't say anything about the use of chemical weapons by Turkey.”

Schmidt added: “The democratic process developing in Rojava is a process of liberating women. It has an ecological approach to life. As internationalists, we think it is important to make clear that we support the democratic process here and that we are against the silence of the Western countries and even the support for the Turkish aggressor.”

Schmidt said that the brigades “want to try to see how the ideas of the liberation movement, how the ideas of women's liberation and democratic confederalism work and how they might be implemented in our countries.”