IPPNW member calls for an independent committee to investigate Turkish use of chemical weapons

IPPNW member Dr. Jan van Aken stated that the OPCW would have to investigate Turkish use of chemical weapons if Baghdad put pressure and submitted an appeal.

Dr. Jan van Aken, a member of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), said that the Erbil administration did not allow the IPPNW to conduct investigations into the use of chemical weapons. He noted that investigations could be carried out if Iraq applied to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

The IPPNW conducted a series of research in South Kurdistan from September 20-27 and published a report on Turkish use of chemical weapons against the guerrilla forces.

The report presented evidence showing that the invading Turkish state used chemical weapons in the guerrilla areas in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Dr. Jan van Aken, one of the experts who prepared the report, spoke to Çıra TV and stated that they wanted to conduct investigations in Amêdiyê villages and especially in the Kanî Masî region, but saw their attempts blocked by the ruling party KDP’s forces.

Dr. Jan van Aken said: “As far as we understand, there is a partnership between the Turkish state and the Regional Government. We were prevented from going to the area, probably to keep the matter secret. Because if the use of chemical weapons is confirmed, a major scandal will come into view in the international arena. The Erbil administration did not want it to happen. This is my opinion and prediction.”

Based on videos obtained and interviews they conducted, Dr. Jan van Aken said it is very likely that Turkey used chemical weapons. “Therefore, an independent committee must go there and conduct investigations.”

Dr. Jan van Aken also talked about the reluctance of the OPCW to step into action. “For the OPCW to conduct research, a member state must request it. If Baghdad and the Iraqi state put pressure on the OPCW and submit an appeal, it will have to investigate into the use of chemical weapons.”